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Here's What Our Readers are saying about Pocket Dog Danny...

Would make a GREAT stocking stuffer this season!

My daughter took it to school for her "star student" week as her favorite new book and the teacher read it to everyone in 1st grade.  They listened and laughed and the message about remembering the good times seems an important one, especially in these crazy times.

My daughter absolutely loves this book! The drawings are adorable, and the story is a super cute take on hotdogs as a comfort food. Oh and of course, because my 4 year old looooves hotdogs!

Arrived really fast, and very cute book!

I’ve read this book every single night single I’ve bought it per my 5 year olds request! It’s the perfect length for bedtime! It’s fun, sweet, and doesn’t get old! We love it! Definitely recommend!!

Excellent children’s book! My daughter loves it!

Presley, my 5 year old makes me read her this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  It's fantastic, definitely a huge hit in our home :)

Loved the book!  Grand kids asked us to read it everytime they visit!

We LOVE your book by the way it's a hit!!

We read the cutest book ever tonight!!  Andrea Talmage- u are one talented woman!!

An adorable story about hotdogs, family  and making Memories!

My second grade students loved the story!

This is such a cute book!! We have read it numerous times already and plan to read it many more!! Wonderful job done!

I read it and it was entertaining and made me think about how important it is to do things with family and friends and making good memories!

This book instantly became one of my son’s favorite bedtime books! Hoping there will be more books to follow!

We enjoyed the book and hope there are more adventures to come!

This was a perfect birthday gift for my 6 year old grand-daughter!

Andrea Talmage great book!!!  Hoping the series continues!  Good luck!

Hey Andrea!  We just got you book and read it just now.  Great message! We are trying to come up with things we eat or drink that bring back good memories now.

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